1. Termite Fumigation Tent on a Home

    What is Termite Tenting?

    Termites are insects that eat wood. They will eat any wood, or more specifically cellulose, which is an organic fiber found in wood and other types of plant matter. They will also eat paper, plastic, and drywall. Being primitive creatures with small brains, they operate solely off instincts, meaning…Read More

  2. Armadillo Closeup

    Animals That Eat Termites, Part 2

    Arizona Termite Specialists have been taking a look at animals that eat termites. While most of us don't like nor do we appreciate termites, they do provide an important source of food for other animals and are a vital link in the food chain. Arizona Termite Specialists in Cave Creek offer the best …Read More

  3. Downed Tree Log

    Treating a Termite Bite

    Termites are insects. The nice thing about termites is that you usually don’t see them. The bad thing about termites is because you don’t see them, they could be causing hundreds or even thousands of dollars of damage to your home or business and you don’t even know it. Subterranean termites l…Read More

  4. Guide to Termites

    Do I Really Need a Guide to Termites? (Part One)

    In the space of termite control, it is well-known that termites are creatures of habit — they congregate in damp, warm, and fertile areas, such as Cave Creek, Arizona! They love to nestle up and snuggle into rotted trees and their stumps, underground, and in homes! Termite prevention is written ab…Read More

  5. Termites Closeup

    Case Study: Reccurring Termite Problem

    A Cave Creek homeowner contacted Arizona Termite Specialists for a termite treatment after having a recurring problem with termites in their home for the past four years. They had previously hired a pest control company to take care of the problem, but the termites kept coming back in the same area …Read More