1. Realtor Handing Keys to a Home to New Homeowners

    Why Invest in Termite Inspections BEFORE You Buy a Home

    Termites can be pesky little bugs, indeed. They are hard to spot because they live almost completely underground except when foraging for food. They only come out in swarms, and then that's only for about 30 minutes. They prefer to live completely undetected, which protects them from predators, such…Read More

  2. Shovel in Soil

    Little Known Termite Facts, Part 2

    Termites are fascinating insects that lead very successful lives. After all, they've had at least 250 million years to hone in their ways. Plus, when all you have is instinct, your mind doesn't get in the way of what has to be done in order to survive. Insects survive off instinct with not much thou…Read More

  3. Termite Control Expert Revealing Colony

    Should You DIY A Termite Infestation? Part 2

    Insects are a part of life that we just have to learn to deal with. We can’t rid the world of mosquitoes (as much as we’d like to). We can’t stop ants from trying to eat our picnic lunch. And we can’t tell honeybees to not sting us when we get too close. Most of the time, insects are just go…Read More