1. Four Reasons Why You Need a Pro Termite Inspector

    For their size, termites have an incredible ability to wreak havoc on a home. And even as a colony of thousands, termites can live unnoticed in a home for years. That’s why it’s so crucial for homeowners to schedule inspections regularly, especially here in Arizona where drywood and subterranean…Read More

  2. How New Termite Colonies Form

    Termites are fickle creatures, often finding their way into our homes unnoticed. Unfortunately, new colonies can start virtually anywhere in homes here in Arizona, and they can take root in our homes for months or years without exposing themselves. That’s why it’s crucial to understand how termi…Read More

  3. The Most Common Termite Colony Locations in Your Home

    Termites are prevalent here in Arizona, with two major termite species — subterranean and drywood termites — that can devour wood in your home, damaging its structure. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to fully protect a home against termites (especially drywood termites). Fortunately, you can …Read More

  4. Market in Asia

    Cultures That Eat Termites, Part 1

    Most people in the United States do not indulge in insect snacks. In fact, Americans in general are repulsed by bugs and creepy-crawlies, and many people have arachnophobia and entomophobia. However, in other cultures, bugs are not seen as so "pesky" and instead, some types of bugs are even eaten as…Read More

  5. Winged Termites

    Being a King and a Queen in the Termite World

    Some insects are quite endearing and have been made even more so by the media. Movies such as ANTZ, A Bug’s Life, and Pinocchio have popularized insects and made them cute and helpful. When you were a kid, you probably caught insects for fun and studied them. Grasshoppers, butterflies, dragonflies…Read More

  6. Termite Inspections for Rental Properties

    Tips to Keep Your Rental Property Termite-Free

    Whether you manage properties or you own a rental property or two, you know how an unexpected expense can set back your bottom line. That’s why it’s crucial to stay on top of maintaining your property, and it’s a wise choice to keep a bit of cash on hand for those inevitable issues that arise.…Read More

  7. Prevent Termite Colonies

    How to Prevent Termites From Colonizing Your Home (Part Two)

    In part one of this series, we looked at measures you can take to keep termites from colonizing in your yard, and how some landscaping features such as mulch can be harmful to your home as they draw in termites. A big portion was spent on the mulch conundrum so be sure to read it if you missed it. I…Read More

  8. Termite Prevention

    How to Prevent Termites From Colonizing Your Home (Part One)

    In a couple of previous blogs, which you can read here and here, we've noted that termites can move from just being on your property to invading your home. The ideal environment is enticing and drawing to them, and the perfect oasis is one that is warm, damp, and surrounded by plantlife, which is wh…Read More

  9. Keep Termites Away Permanently

    Termites Come Back: Keeping Termites Away Permanently

    If you’ve dealt with termites on your property more than once, then your patience has probably been pushed to the limits. Termites can pop up seemingly out of nowhere — especially here in Arizona — and they can go unnoticed for years on end. If that wasn’t bad enough, these prolific pests sw…Read More

  10. Subterranean Termite Colony Design

    Subterranean Termite Colony Design

    Like ants, termites form hierarchical communities, with each type of termite performing a specific function to aid the the health of the colony as a whole. Termite colonies are comprised of workers, soldiers, kings, and queens. The design of the colony structure is as complicated as the difference b…Read More