1. How to Avoid Termite Tenting

    What can you do to keep termites from infiltrating your home? And how can you ensure that an infestation doesn’t get so bad that you have to tent and treat your whole home? When it comes to preventing termite infestations, it’s helpful to be proactive, and it’s crucial to perform inspections r…Read More

  2. Bat Closeup

    Animals That Eat Termites, Part 1

    We know that termites exist for a reason (although sometimes we think that the world would be better off without them) despite the destruction they cause to Scottsdale homes. In fact, according to the National Pest Management Association, termites cause over $5 billion of damage to American homes an…Read More

  3. Colony of Termites

    Anatomy of a Termite

    Termites are one of homeowners and business owners' worst nightmares. Not only are they bugs (which, let’s face it, not many of us like or enjoy), but there are thousands of them causing damage to your home or office building nonstop. There are so many of them that it can be overwhelming to think …Read More

  4. Single Termite on a Twig

    The Life Cycle of a Termite

    There are billions of insects alive on this planet today. These creatures are adept at surviving and multiplying. Being so small, we often don’t notice them — that is until they invade our home, office, or business. Arizona Termite Specialists help homeowners and business owners in the Scottsdal…Read More

  5. Termite Droppings

    Why Termites Thrive in Arizona

    It’s an unfortunate truth: Termites thrive here in the great state of Arizona. Why? Well, our climate has long proven to be the ideal climate for termites, and our homes prove to be the ideal habitat for these pests. Fortunately, with a bit of proactive termite control, keeping termites out of you…Read More

  6. Ideal Termite Habitat

    What Are Ideal Living Conditions for Termites? (Part Two)

    In part one of this series, we began to scratch the surface on the ideal living conditions for termites. We noted that they’re easily parched and need to be near a water source for survival which makes wood a perfect home — it offers nourishment and is close to the soil for termites to retreat t…Read More

  7. Ideal Termite Conditions

    What Are Ideal Living Conditions for Termites? (Part One)

    Just like any creature — insect and mammal alike — termites crave to create and thrive in an environment that best suits their ability to flourish and grow their colonies. And, termites are not going anywhere as they’ve been molding and adapting to their environments over a timespan of 250 mil…Read More

  8. Termite Tenting and Fumigation

    Chemical Treatments vs. Fumigation

    Termites are a major nuisance here in Arizona. Arizona is home to both subterranean termite and drywood termite species, which puts residences and buildings at an even greater risk of an infiltration. Now, these termite species consume the same food type (which could be the wood that forms the infra…Read More

  9. Protect Your Home From Termites

    How to Termite-Proof Your Property

    Termites are a very real danger here in Arizona. Arizona is home to two common termite types of these creatures: the drywood termite and the subterranean termite. Since these termites consume dry wood (including structural wood), both of these termite types are a threat to your home. Now, it’s not…Read More

  10. Termite Tunneling

    Give Your Home Some Love: Check for Signs of Termites

    Termites. When it comes to your home’s structure, they are a silent killer. These common insects can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage, without you having a clue there is a problem. Arizona Termite Specialists wants you to know the signs of termites to watch for so you can call for a trea…Read More