Termites Come Back: Keeping Termites Away Permanently

If you’ve dealt with termites on your property more than once, then your patience has probably been pushed to the limits. Termites can pop up seemingly out of nowhere — especially here in Arizona — and they can go unnoticed for years on end. If that wasn’t bad enough, these prolific pests swarm our homes to devour their timber components, weakening our homes from the inside out. So, why do termites keep populating on your property? What can you do to exterminate them completely? And how do you ensure that they don’t return? Today, we have all those answers and plenty more.

Why Are Termites a Recurring Problem?

There are a number of reasons why termites might call your property their home, and even after exterminating termites, they can come back. Here’s why:

Termites thrive in Arizona.

It’s an unfortunate truth, but the climate here in Arizona is ideal for termites. Termites thrive in dry, warm environments. Arizona is home to a variety of termite species, including the desert and arid-land subterranean termite species, as well as the western drywood termite and desert dampwood termites (drywood and subterranean termites are particularly hazardous for homes). All of these termite species consume wood that may be in your home or around your property.

Termites swarm.

Termites are swarming creatures, and when their colony is large enough, it will splinter into two. When termites swarm, they grow wings and worker termites fly to locate a new nesting area for the new queen and colony. Since termites swarm to settle into a new nesting area, they can attack your property at any time. It’s best to take preventative measures to keep termites away from your property (more about that below).

Subterranean termites need to be treated at the source.

Subterranean termites are highly prevalent throughout Arizona. These termites live primarily under the surface of the earth, as their name implies — although they do build mud tunnels that sprout from the root of the colony to sources of food (e.g. wood around your home). Since the colony and queen live under the surface of the earth, they can be difficult to locate. A professional exterminator will identify the source of a colony and the appropriate solution for your infestation.

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Drywood termites are hard to find.

Unlike subterranean termites, drywood termites don’t rely on the soil to start a colony. These termites can swarm and infest wood anywhere throughout your home — you can find these termites in your attic, in the floorboards, or anywhere in between. As such, drywood termites can be hard to notice. Plus, two or more colonies can thrive in a single home, which means that even if one colony is wiped out, the other will persist. Once again, you’ll have to hire a professional termite specialist to wipe out drywood termites around your property.

Your termites weren’t treated right the first time.

If you’ve had an exterminator attempt to wipe out termites, or if you’ve attempted to eradicate them yourself (more on that in a minute), they may come back. Termites are resilient, and certain treatments simply aren’t as effective as others. An exterminator should successfully locate the source of colony, and then kill all of its members, including the queen and its eggs. If the entire colony isn’t eradicated, the termites can repopulate. In addition, if a termite colony is agitated, it may cause swarming, which can further the problem.

Food sources haven’t been eliminated.

While you won’t be able to entirely eliminate food sources for termites (your home is made out of wood after all), you can reduce the amount of wood available, and you can make your home less accessible for termites. For instance, you can fill cracks in your basement to reduce the chance that a colony will start. Be wary of loose wood around your property, and do your best to keep firewood elevated.

Don’t do it yourself.

While you might be tempted to go on the offensive against termites that you find around your home, know that you should trust a professional. If you attempt to eradicate termites on your own, you could instigate swarming, and it’s likely that the entirety of the colony will not be eliminated. If you don’t want to see those termites again, contact a professional.

How Can You Exterminate Termites Completely?

Hire a professional outfit to locate termites throughout your property, and have them eradicate each colony at its source. Only professionals know how to properly locate and exterminate termites.

Locating Your Termite Infestation

Hire a termite expert to locate termites in your home, and to identify the extent of the problem. Here at Arizona Termite Specialist, our team members know how to find termites throughout your home. We use specialized instruments to inspect walls, ceilings, and floors throughout your home. Once we’ve located the problem and identified the magnitude of the situation, we’ll propose a treatment solution to fit your property.

Exterminating Termites

Next, it’s on to the extermination itself. With ATS, we treat termites with Termidor®, a powerful termiticide that wipes out colonies in their entirety. Termidor can be utilized for all termite species, and it’s applied specifically for the species at hand.

For subterranean termites: To treat subterranean termites, Termidor is injected into the earth around a home. This chemical is applied to create a perimeter around the home. When termites come into contact with the termiticide, they carry and transfer the chemical to other termites throughout the colony. Termidor slowly spreads and takes effect, killing off all termites in the colony. Plus, Termidor remains active for years on end, protecting your home from subterranean termites for more than a decade.

For drywood termites: Since drywood termites can thrive away from the ground, in-ground treatments aren’t effective. We’ll utilize Termidor at the source. We inject Termidor into wood that is affected by an infestation. Termites then come into contact with the termiticide and transfer it the same way as we mentioned above.

What Can You Do to Keep Your Property Termite Free?

There are a number of tactics you can employ to minimize the chances that termites come back to your property. Here’s what you can do:

Get rid of sources of food.

As you know by now, termites thrive on wood. So, it’s important to be wary of the wood on your property. Minimize the use of mulch, and keep it several feet from the perimeter of your home. If you have firewood, keep it raised off the ground, and keep an eye on it to identify termite tunnels. If you have lumber around your property, keep it elevated as well.

Termites consume other forms of cellulose too. Old newspapers or cardboard can become a meal for a termite colony. If you have a box of books in the garage, for instance, it can be a termite target.

Termites are also attracted to moisture. Be wary of places where wood can get moist on your property, and be especially cognizant of wood that comes into contact with the ground.

Have your property inspected regularly.

A home inspection is always a good idea to keep your property termite free. Termites too often go unnoticed, which can result in costly damages. Instead, have your home inspected every year or so, or as recommended by your termite specialist.

Hire a Termidor certified specialist.

Termidor is the most effective, most trusted termiticide on the market. With proper application by a Termidor certified specialist, you can rest assured that termites are wiped out throughout your property. Termidor can only be applied by a certified specialist, due to the training and tools required for use.

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Count on Arizona Termite Specialist

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