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Trelona® ATBS Annual Bait Stations in Phoenix 

Protecting Your Home Against Termites

 At Arizona Termite Specialists, our licensed professionals are recognized for their commitment to eradicating termites from properties using only the highest quality products and equipment. That’s why we are proud to offer Trelona® ATBS Annual Bait Stations, a solution known for its lasting protection against these damaging pests. As an effective long-term termite baiting option, Trelona ATBS Annual Bait Stations ensure that properties remain secure from termite threats, showcasing our pledge to provide top-tier, reliable termite control solutions.

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Once these bait stations are professionally installed, they start impacting the termite colony as soon as termites begin feeding on the bait.

During warmer months, when termites are more active and their metabolism rates are higher, colony elimination can be observed within 60 to 90 days after they start feeding on the bait. This is because the warmer temperatures facilitate quicker foraging, feeding, and distribution of the bait within the colony.

In colder seasons, termite metabolism slows down, which means that their feeding and foraging activities decrease. As a result, the process of integrating the bait into the colony and achieving colony elimination is prolonged, typically ranging from 90 to 180 days.


Trelona ATBS Annual Bait Stations take advantage of termites' natural foraging patterns by positioning themselves directly in the path of these insects. Once termites stumble upon the bait stations during their search for food, they feed on the bait before returning to their colony, leaving behind a pheromone trail for others to follow. This trail becomes a direct link back to the bait station, leading more termites to the source. 

As termites share the bait within the colony and continue to recruit others to the feeding site, their consumption of the bait leads to eventual death among affected termites. This process gradually impacts the colony's viability, ultimately leading to its destruction. Through this method, Trelona ATBS Bait Stations effectively disrupt the life cycle of termites, providing a strong solution for termite control.


Yes, Trelona ATBS Annual Bait Stations are designed for use in a wide range of structures susceptible to termite damage. This includes not only residential properties but also commercial and public buildings such as churches, office buildings, commercial businesses, warehouses, manufacturing sites, and schools. Whether you are a homeowner or property manager, these stations can be used to protect your property against termites. Call Arizona Termite Specialists to install Trelona ATBS Annual Bait Stations on your Phoenix property. 


Trelona ATBS Annual Bait Stations offer a superior termite protection solution that is fast, effective, and discreet. Their design and function underscore a commitment to homeowner satisfaction, making them an excellent choice for safeguarding your property against termites.

Consider some of the greatest benefits of Trelona ATBS Annual Bait Stations below:

  1. Fast discovery: The larger dimensions of these baiting systems ensure they are discovered by termites more quickly and frequently than smaller stations. This accelerated discovery is the first step in ensuring rapid protection against termite infestations.
  2. Fast consumption: The bait used is more appealing to termites than natural food sources, leading to faster consumption rates. When termites prefer the bait over other food, control becomes more efficient.
  3. Fast colony elimination: The combination of quick discovery and eager consumption facilitates faster termite control. As termites feed on the bait and return to their colony, they share the bait through social interaction, spreading the active ingredient throughout the colony. 
  4. Minimal disruption: One of the standout features of this station is its minimal impact on your property. This system is designed to blend seamlessly into your landscaping without the need for disruptive trenching or drilling. 

Ready to take advantage of this incredibly innovative termite control solution? Arizona Termite Specialists is here to walk you through the process and provide a hassle-free installation to tackle your infestation efficiently and effectively. 

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