10 Ways to Keep Your Arizona Home Free of Termites

Out of all the pests that invade Arizona homes, termites are among the most destructive. Many Arizona homes are made of stucco and wood, which provide an easy way for termites to enter and thrive. Gone untreated, termites can chew through wooden beams and other structures in your home, which increases your risk of having serious structural damage that is expensive to fix. In severe cases, homes can become dangerous to live in due to extensive termite damage. You can help prevent these pests from getting into your Arizona home by taking the following steps:

  1. Fix leaks in plumbing fixtures and showers. Termites are drawn to wood that contains moisture, since it is easier to chew, as well as humid areas of your home. Keep in mind that water-damaged wood can attract termites, so having leaks fixed early is essential.
  2. Check irrigation lines and fix any leaks that are occurring. These leaks can attract termites to your property.
  3. Move sprinklers away from your house or have them aimed to spray away from your home’s exterior to prevent moisture damage that gives termites easy access to your home’s interior.
  4. Fix leaks in your hose bibb. Leaks create a wet, humid area in your yard that termites will be drawn to.
  5. Make sure that rainwater and other water sources flow away from your home rather than toward it. This might involve altering the slope of your landscaping.
  6. Ensure that your landscaping and soil are higher than the stucco or grade of your home. This can make it harder for termites to enter your home.
  7. Get rid of any wood that comes into contact with the ground on your property to discourage termites from entering your yard.
  8. Keep wood piles away from your home’s exterior, and move any cellulose or wood that touches your home. Storing these materials next to your home increases your risk of a termite infestation.
  9. Schedule an inspection each year with Arizona Termite Specialists of Phoenix. We can help you discover infestations early before serious and costly damage occurs. Remember that termite damage isn’t always easy to recognize.
  10. Have your home treated every five to seven years to reduce the risk of termite infestations. These treatments can help keep termites at bay and save your home from suffering severe damage.

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If you need termite control in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Gilbert, Mesa, or Peoria please contact Arizona Termite Specialists at (602) 900-9799. We have more than 20 years of experiencing providing termite inspection, control, and treatment for Arizona homeowners.

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