How to Successfully Protect Your Home Against the Termite Battle

When anyone mentions termites, you shudder at the possibility of having your home invaded by these destructive pests. Yet, termites can quickly invade a home and cause significant damage. Even worse, termite activity isn’t just limited to certain seasons of the year. These insects will swarm during the spring to mate and form into new colonies; however the period of August through November is their peak growing season.

Arming yourself to battle against these pests will allow you to determine if your home is presently infested so you can deal with the issues immediately. Then you can take the necessary steps to prevent future termite problems. Here are some tips on how to arm yourself to battle termites whenever they appear — as always, you can count on Arizona Termite Specialists for termite control if you live here in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Cave Creek, Gilbert, Mesa, or Peoria.

Perform Termite Inspections Twice Per Year

Finding termite infestations early can help reduce the amount of damage they cause to your home. You should perform these inspections at least twice per year.

Look for mud tubes along the outside of your home where the concrete meets the siding or stucco. You’ll also want to evaluate the wood trim around doors and windows. If you find sawdust, tiny holes in the wood and a hollow sound from the trim if you tap on it, these problems may indicate that termites are present. When inspecting the interior of your home, look for mud tubes of bubbles in the paint along the ceilings and walls.

Obtain Termite Treatments When Finding Infestations

There are many different ways to get rid of termites. Hiring a professional ensures that the termite treatments are applied in the most efficient manner possible. A professional termite specialist can also determine the types of termites in your home and take the right precautions when working with chemical treatments. Types of treatments that may be applied include:

• Non-repellents: a non-repellent is undetectable to termites as this chemical is placed into the soil around the house. A termite will consume or touch the non-repellent and die.
• Repellents: Repellents, often called termicides, can be detected by termites. The termites are repulsed by the repellent and will move on without invading your home.
• Baits: Baits are placed into the ground where the termite can consume them. The bait prevents the termite from molting as it dies off.

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If you are dealing with a current termite infestation, contact Arizona Termite Specialists. We have been helping people in Arizona for 20 years so you can have a safe and termite-free home! We provide termite inspection, control, and extermination services for folks throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Gilbert, Mesa, and Peoria.

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