Give Your Home Some Love: Check for Signs of Termites

Termites. When it comes to your home’s structure, they are a silent killer. These common insects can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage, without you having a clue there is a problem. Arizona Termite Specialists wants you to know the signs of termites to watch for so you can call for a treatment before it’s too late. This Valentine’s Day, show your home the love it deserves by checking for termites. Here are some common signs of termite infestations in Arizona homes:

1. Mud Tubes on the Home’s Exterior Surfaces

Termites entering your home from the ground will create tubes made from a mud-like substance as they travel from their homes to your home. These tubes look like vines and can be found on both wood and concrete surfaces. This is one of the most obvious signs of a termite problem, and you should call termite control immediately if you spot these tubes.

2. Wings Near an Entry Point

Termite wings look like tiny fish scales, and termites will shed these near an entry point to your home. These wings come from swarming termites that have entered the next stage of development and are ready to feed on your home.

3. Signs in the Paint or Wood

Damage to the wood or buckling in your home’s paint can be a sign of a problem. Often the wood will have tiny holes in it or will look like it is crushed at structure bearing points. To test the wood, tap it gently with a hammer. If it has a hollow sound, you may have a problem.

4. Termite Droppings

Termites are great at hiding, but one type of evidence of their presence that you may find is small, wood-colored pellets with ridges. These are termite droppings. If you have them, call right away.

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A termite infestation is not something to take lightly. Every year, around $5 billion is spent on fixing damage caused by termites. The good news is that termite damage happens fairly slowly, so if you take action quickly, you may be able to stop the damage before it causes costly problems. For termite treatments, contact Arizona Termite Specialists online or call 1-844-NEED-ATS. We proudly provide termite control services throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Gilbert, Mesa, and Peoria.

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