Questions You Need to Ask During Your Termite Inspection

Finding out that you need a termite treatment is never a happy moment. More often than not, it comes unexpectedly and typically means you’ll have an expense that you were not prepared for. One of the best ways to minimize the hardship associated with termites is to proactively schedule a termite inspection and treatment as soon as you suspect there might be an issue. It is just as important to make sure you choose a termite inspector that will do the job right the first time, so that you aren’t faced with a recurring termite problem.

The following are three questions you should make sure to ask when having a termite inspection. By asking the right questions, you will increase the probability that your termite problem is resolved by the right team, for the right cost, and it’s a lasting solution.

How long will the termite treatment take?

The first thing you need to ask is how many days a termite treatment will take. After conducting an inspection, the inspectors should have a strong sense of the severity of the problem, and how long it will take for their treatment to resolve it. If they can’t give you a reasonably confident answer, you should consider that a red flag. More often than not, a treatment should take no longer than a few hours.

Does the termite treatment come with a warranty?

Another important question to ask is whether the treatment comes with a warranty. If the termite inspector is confident in his or her work, they should offer a warranty guaranteeing a reasonably specific result after the termite treatment is completed. Typically, high-quality termite inspectors will offer a comprehensive warranty that covers one or more years.

What is the long-term plan?

Just because your home is treated for termites doesn’t mean the problem is gone forever. Cheap chemicals and poor workmanship can leave surviving termites to form new colonies. If even a few termites survived the treatment, they could quickly grow into another full-blown colony. For the best results, it is important that you only hire experienced and well-trained termite inspectors.

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Being proactive and getting a termite inspection is a great way to minimize the damage caused by termites. For more information about termite inspections, please contact Arizona Termite Specialists at (602) 900-9799. We offer termite inspection, control, and treatment solutions for folks throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Gilbert, Mesa, and Peoria.

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