It’s Important to Act Quickly With a Termite Infestation

While a single termite doesn’t do much damage in a day, a colony may devour wood by the pound. Gone untreated, that can be disastrous for your home, and at the very least, it can leave you with costly repairs. Here are a few more reasons why you should act right away when you spot termites, especially if you live here in the Phoenix area, where several termite species thrive!

A Stitch in Time

Termite colonies grow quickly, termites swarm, and termite queens have longevity.

Termite colonies can grow to the tens of thousands. Once a colony is large enough, the colony will split, sending alate termites (winged termites) out in search of a new habitat. Upon arriving, this new colony will establish a new queen, and begin growing once again. As How Stuff Works points out, “Queens can live up to 25 years, while most workers live between two and five years.” So, in short, termites are especially dangerous to homes since they grow, thrive, and spread—and, of course, they consume the wood that comprises our homes’ structures. That’s why it’s crucial to keep an eye out for signs that you have termites, and to get in touch with a termite control expert as soon as you notice termites, in order to have an inspection and extermination.

Signs of Termites

There are several signs that you may notice which reveal that you have a termite infestation on your hands. Keep an eye out for mud tubes and tunnels that are connected to the ground of your home. Subterranean termites can penetrate the envelope of a home, often through cracks in the foundation, to reach a source of food (the wood in your home). The subterranean termite species relies on mud tunnels to create sustainable living conditions, so that they can travel from the root of the colony to their food source.

Also, look for discarded wings and termite droppings (which look like small wood pellets). Termites are forced to push their droppings out through a small hole or holes in the wood tunnels of their colony. You can also tap on wood to hear if it has been hollowed out by termites. In extreme cases, you may notice that your home’s beams are sagging or cracking.

Why You Should Call a Pro

When you have a termite infestation, don’t turn it into a do it yourself project. Termites a fickle and resilient, and if you disturb a termite colony, you may end up triggering a swarm.

Call a professional to make sure that the job is done right the first time.

Here at Arizona Termite Specialist, we have the right tools and know-how to wipe out termites in your home in one fell swoop. Plus, we have access to Termidor®, a termiticide that’s only available for Termidor certified specialists.

What Is Termidor?

Termidor is simply the best termiticide available on the market. Unlike other termiticides, Termidor isn’t detectable by termites. It’s actually a termiticide with a delayed action—termites are attracted to Termidor, they pick up the chemical, and then they transmit it to other termites in the colony. Afterwards, all termites that have come into contact with Termidor will die off. In this way, a Termidor application penetrates an entire colony, wiping out all its members and the queen. Best of all, Termidor provides lasting protection, especially when applied around the foundation of a home. Termidor prevents subterranean termite infestations for nearly a decade after it is applied.

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Count on Arizona Termite Specialist

Here at ATS, we’re proud to provide termite control services to folks throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Gilbert, Mesa, and Peoria. We’re a family owned and operated business, and we bring nearly two decades of experience to the table. If you’re ready to bring in your local termite professionals for an inspection or extermination, then give us a call!

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