Treating a Termite Bite

Termites are insects. The nice thing about termites is that you usually don’t see them. The bad thing about termites is because you don’t see them, they could be causing hundreds or even thousands of dollars of damage to your home or business and you don’t even know it. Subterranean termites live below ground in the soil. These are the kind of termites you need to be aware of who will invade your home or business.

Arizona Termite Specialists helps homeowners and business owners with termite control solutions. We use Termidor® as our termite elimination method of choice. This odorless chemical is sprayed in the soil around your home. The termites then encounter it, walk in it, and ingest it. They then carry it back to the colony where it spreads, thereby eliminating other termites. Below, we’ll take a look at termite bites and what to do if you are bitten by a termite. Contact us today for a termite inspection!


There are different types of termites within a colony. There are the workers, whose main job is to procure food, maintain the nest, and take care of the queen and the new baby termites. Then, there’s the soldiers, who, like their name suggests, are equipped to defend the colony. They have a large developed mandible that is designed to bite other insects, not necessarily humans.

That being said, if you happen to decide to pick up a termite, especially a soldier termite, odds are, they will bite you. Remember, these are insects, which are lower animals. They are afraid of you (as well they should be) and want to escape and/or defend their colony. Biting is one way they can do just that.


First and foremost, termites are not poisonous, so you can’t die from a termite bite. They also don’t carry any diseases that they can transmit to humans or infections. So if you are bitten, don’t panic.

Termite bites do hurt — a lot. Their jaws are quite powerful, so when they chomp down, they will give your skin a good pinch. You may still feel and notice the bite for a few days. A burning sensation may appear because the mandibles of soldier termites have a certain type of saliva that is meant to help break down cellulose, their primary food. In some people, this saliva can cause irritation, or a burning sensation.

If a red spot appears, it’s much like a mosquito bite. It will go away in a day or two. You can apply a hydrocortisone cream if it begins to itch. If you notice your termite bite after two days and it is still bothering you, it’s time to see a doctor. Odds are, you are not suffering from a termite bite, but from a different insect bite or something else altogether. It’s best to see a doctor just to have it checked out.

Be Wary of Ants Masquerading as Termites

Many people get ants and termites confused. This is understandable. Unless you are an entomologist (an expert in insects), you probably don’t know the physical and visible difference between a termite and an ant. Ants are much more likely to bite than termites, and ants are much more mobile and agile. Termites move very slowly, and since the workers and soldiers are virtually blind, you won’t see them much out and about. Thus, if you are bitten by an insect, you may want to keep the little guy (if possible) for identification later. However, for the most part, termites are harmless creatures to humans.


Arizona Termite Specialists serves the Cave Creek area with the best termite control services. We only treat termite infestations, which, we believe, allows us to ensure your termite problem and termite control solution is done right the first time. Our highly-trained termite inspectors and exterminators are ready to help educate you about termites and see if you do, indeed, have a termite infestation. Our termite removal company will then step in and begin termite treatments.

As mentioned previously, we exclusively use Termidor®, which we believe is the most effective way to remove termites from your residential or commercial property for good. Termidor® is a liquid solution that is applied around your home or business. This substance is odorless and tasteless, thus raising no red flags to the termites. They will walk through it and ingest it, carrying it back to the colony with them. Once there, the transfer effect takes over, and soon other termites have caught the poison. Eventually, this spreads throughout the colony, eliminating it.

While it may be somewhat sad to know you are killing insects who are unwittingly damaging your home or business, know that there are millions of their cousins still living and decomposing rotten wood material to ensure a balance in the ecosystem.

Termites are incredibly resilient by nature (you have to be to survive on planet earth for millions of years), so it may take several treatments to completely rid your home or office space of termites. However, our mission is to help you solve your termite infestation as quickly as possible.

If you suspect a termite infestation, don’t wait. Arizona Termite Specialists serves Apache Junction, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Peoria, and more with the best termite control solutions. Call today for a termite inspection!

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