Animals That Eat Termites, Part 2

Arizona Termite Specialists have been taking a look at animals that eat termites. While most of us don’t like nor do we appreciate termites, they do provide an important source of food for other animals and are a vital link in the food chain.

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Moles are shy creatures that live underground. As such, they run across termites all the time since termites are subterranean as well. Termites make easy food for a mole, and they eat them every chance they get. Termites forage for food, and when they happen to run into a mole, they most likely won’t return home. Moles will also attack and consume a whole colony over time since moles don’t have that many food sources underground.


A cousin to the anteater, armadillos love to eat termites. They have great digging claws as well that they use to dig into termite mounds and expose all of those pesky insects. They then use their long tongue to lap termites up. Armadillos eat all sorts of insects, including grubs, beetles, and worms. They live in warm climates where termites live as well.


Ants, while insects as well, will hunt and eat termites. There are six species of ants that do so, including the carpenter ants. Ants and termites are competitors for food since they both eat wood. It is suspected then that carpenter ants eat termites in part to eliminate their competition for food if they are found too close to each other. Interestingly, ants themselves cannot digest termites. However, their larvae can. Thus, they feed termites to the larvae. The larvae break down the termite’s carcass, leaving the soft inner parts for the workers and the queen to eat.


Spiders eat an enormous amount of insects, which keeps the insect population under control so they don’t take over the world. In fact, it is estimated that spiders consume between 400 to 800 million metric tons of insects every year. Thus, if a termite happens by or one flies by during swarming, they are definitely on the spider’s menu.

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While the above creatures help keep the termite population in check, there are millions upon millions of these little creatures that are surviving and thriving in the world. While it’s important to appreciate the role they do play in the food chain, when they invade our home, all bets are off, and war must be declared.

Arizona Termite Specialists offers the best weapons in your war on termites. After all, termites unknowingly can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home or office rather quickly. They eat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They don’t believe in holidays, weekends, or vacation. They are little machines programmed to keep going and going. Our mission as your trusted Cave Creek termite exterminator is to find these little guys and kill the entire colony while ensuring they don’t come back. Using the best termiticide in the industry, Termidor┬«, we ensure your termite infestation is destroyed for good with no possibility of resurrection. Our mission is to eliminate your termite problem the first time, which is why we only treat for termites and not pests. Call for a termite inspection in Cave Creek today!

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