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Services We Can Provide for Your Property

If termites become a menace to your property, the Arizona Termites Specialist will effectively develop a solution to deal with the problem. We will quickly help you come up with the best treatment plan depending on your infestation. If you are in Phoenix, AZ,

here are several ways in which our termite treatment services can help you.

image of someone holding wood that has termite damage

We Identify the Location of Termites

Sometimes, termites may be deep in your home and you will never be aware of their presence. That is until you have a thorough inspection. Thus, before our specialists can determine a treatment plan to extradite the termites, they always determine where these menace scourgers are.

It’s important to note that determining where they are involves evaluating the extent of the invasion to determine the scope of the problem and choosing an appropriate solution.

Identify the Types of Termites Available

There are different types of termites in Phoenix, AZ, and they all require different treatments. One type of treatment does not always work for all termite types because they have different vulnerabilities and varied characteristics. Thus, your pest control specialist must determine the types of termites you have.

The termites can also give insight into the best protective measures needed, looking out for future infestations.

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image of spraying wood for termites

Apply Appropriate Treatments

In many cases, the type of treatment depends on the types of termites on your property. Some treatments work better as preventatives, while others treat an active infestation.

Your Phoenix specialist determines and applies the best treatments while considering some factors like the type of termites, whether you have pets, any environmental concerns you have, and much more. Then, you can talk with the pest control expert to determine the best and most effective treatment that suits your goals.

Follow-Up Treatment

A single treatment may not be sufficient to eradicate termites. This depends on the extent of the infestation, types of termites, and your home’s vulnerabilities. Therefore, the termite specialists in Phoenix, Arizona, come for a follow-up treatment inspection where they may even apply an additional treatment. We advise you to arrange a follow-up treatment if you do not want to again deal with a termite problem.

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Contact Arizona Termite Control today if you have an infestation. We will develop the best treatment control solution for your home, including chemically treating the soul to create barriers for future termite infestation. If you are in Phoenix, AZ, we are your best shot at preventing a termite invasion in your property.

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Services We Can Provide for Your Property

Welcome to Arizona Termite Specialists! We understand the frustration when you discover you have a termite problem at your property, and our team is here to offer you the solutions you need and deserve! Not only are our experts experienced in termite extermination and prevention, but you can trust us to get the job done…

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