Little Known Termite Facts, Part 2

Termites are fascinating insects that lead very successful lives. After all, they’ve had at least 250 million years to hone in their ways. Plus, when all you have is instinct, your mind doesn’t get in the way of what has to be done in order to survive. Insects survive off instinct with not much thought behind it, which, of course, is why your home or business is as good of a home as any.

Arizona Termite Specialists offers residential and commercial termite control services in Peoria. Our top-rated termite exterminators are excellent at finding a termite infestation and then eradicating it, protecting your home or office from damage. Further. We also use a protective barrier around your home in order to ensure pesky termites do not return. Below, we’ll take a look at some more little known facts about termites. Call our termite control company today!


Termite Swarms Last a Short Time

In our last blog post, we learned that there are different classes of termites within a colony. There’s the queen, the king, the soldiers, the workers, the alates, and the nymphs, or the immature termites. The alates are the reproductive termites with wings who will swarm when it’s time to leave the colony and form a new colony. When they do this, the swarm only lasts about 30 minutes. This is when a female will find a male. Once that is done, they land, shed their wings, and get to forming a new colony. As you can imagine, they don’t travel very far in just 30 minutes. Thus, if you see a termite swarm near your Peoria home or office, this probably means you have a termite infestation, or at the very least, need to call for a professional termite inspection in order to ensure your home is protected.

Termite Alates Seek Out the Light

The alates are the only termites that can see. They need to be able to see in order to find a mate and a new home. Thus, when it’s time to swarm, these alates find the outside world by seeking out the light. They like to swarm in the early morning hours, which means it’s best if you don’t have exterior lights on, which attract the swarmers. If you happen to see termite swarmers in your home, they are looking for a way out, not in. This is a definite sign that you should call your local termite control company, Arizona Termite Specialists in Peoria, for a termite control solution.

All Other Termites Are Blind

Termites live their entire lives underground in the darkness. Thus, they don’t need eyes so over the millions of years of evolution, they have lost them. However, they can sense light, and they avoid it like vampires do. This allows them to ensure the colony does not become exposed to light accidentally.

One sign of termites are mud shelter tubes. Termites build these when they are traveling from their colony to their food sources, namely the wood of your home. They dive into these when they detect light, such as when you turn on a light switch, making termites extremely hard to see and detect. A lot of people have termite infestations without even knowing it for quite a while. Professional termite inspectors are adept at detecting these mud tubes and at piering down into them for termites. Call Arizona Termite Specialists in Peoria for your termite inspection today.

Termite Inspection CTA


Arizona Termite Specialists in Peoria offers the best termite control services. With almost two decades of experience, our expert termite specialists know what to look for when inspecting for termites. In Arizona, there are two types of termites that live here: the subterranean termite and the drywood termite. Both will cause major damage to your home or office building, and during our inspection, our professional termite inspectors know what to look for to detect each kind. We’ll inspect both the inside and the outside of your building, checking every nook and cranny for these destructive little pests.

Once detected, we’ll get to work using the industry’s best termiticide, Termidor┬«, to treat your home. This product will work to kill the existing termite colony you have and will form a protective barrier around your home to keep future termites out. You won’t have to leave your home like with tenting or fumigation. You won’t have to board your pets or rent a hotel. Our treatment is applied to the soil where termites live around your home.

Our termite control company only deals with termites. This allows us to specialize, so we’re extremely competent at what we do since this is all we do, all day long. If you are looking to eradicate a termite infestation the first time, give our termite control company in Peoria a call today!

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